Eat, drink and try to survive.

Food and water.  Of the things we need to survive, these definitely fall at the top of everyone’s list.  Discovery News recently featured two articles that focus on these concerns.

Mothers’ Milk Reveals Ancient Diets focuses on human evolutionary development and how an anthropological look at our diet should inform how we feed our babies.

Breast milk from women in regions where the first humans likely emerged suggests that Western diets — with their high amounts of carbs, sugars, salts and oils — go against the optimal human diet.

Water Woes Coming With Warming discusses the impact that global warming has on the US water supply and how it will affect us in the years to come.

As the world warms, water — either too little or too much of it — is going to be the major problem for the United States, scientists and military experts said Monday.

This echoes concerns raised at Anthropik concerning the impact that water shortages will have on the collpase of civilization. 1, 2, 3, 4

Also, the authors at Anthropik have returned.  Check out their latest blog series: The Unfolding Collapse.


One response to this post.

  1. “Chole’s inhabitants eat large amounts of coconut, fish, vegetables, fruits and occasional flying fox meat.”

    I found the article very interesting, and quite along the lines of what I have figured to be a more correct diet.
    It actually sounds similar to my diet,though I do find myself in the process junk arena at times.

    I really think people need to be come more familiar with there bioregion,and make an effort to eat much more local, both with fauna and flora.

    Great effort once again!


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