Feral Fiction

Check out some other comics that explore feral life and disenchantment with civilization:

The Wandering Ones

In the year 2035, a human specific man-made super-virus is loosed upon the world, killing off at least 80% of the world’s population. However, the virus doesn’t kill everyone.

Our story starts in 2066 a.d., in what is now the Pacific Northwest.  The home of the Clan of the Hawk (the Wandering Ones) is an enclave in the Cascade mountain range of North Central Washington state.[1]

I discovered this comic through Anthropik’s directory.  Jason Godesky describes it there as a “webcomic about a fairly feral future from a graduate of Tom Brown’s Tracking School, so he knows his stuff.  Particularly awesome when it breaks out into an impromptu tracking lesson.”

Clint Hollingsworth created this adventure comic, and he publishes it every Monday.  He suggests (for your sanity) that you start at the first comic.

Minimum Security

The adorable yet furious characters of Minimum Security challenge the destruction of our planet, the loss of civil rights and increasing police-state atmosphere, and today’s lifestyle which is characterized by the distraction of consumerism, shallow infotainment, and constant anxiety about survival. The title comes from a prisoner who had just been released. Outside, he looked around and noted: “I’m still not free; I’m just in minimum security.”[2]

Stephanie McMillan created this strip.  You may recognize her as the illustrator from the up and coming graphic novel As the World Burns: 50 Simple Things You Can Do to Stay in Denial that she penned with Derrick Jensen which should come out in January of 2008.  Stephanie publishes updates every weekday.  She notes on her MySpace blog:

The more you click on my cartoons at comics.com during 2007, the better the chances they’ll appear in daily city papers in 2008. If you like Minimum Security, please see a new cartoon each weekday!

I send my thanks to locke for sharing this comic with me and to Urban Scout for tipping me off to McMillan and Jensen’s new graphic novel.


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  1. I’ve started reading Minimum Security everyday!


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