Meet the flint stones

Scouring the internet for primitive skills happenings in my local area has finally paid off.  I discovered a group of flint knappers up in Missouri, less than an hour’s drive from Fayetteville.  They call themselves the JOMO flint knappers, and they meet roughly once a month to chip stones on the banks of Sugar Creek in Pineville, MO.

JOMO is just a group of people who love flint knapping and sharing their skills. Beginners are MOST welcome to come and watch and try their hand at chipping if they would like. Several of the regulars are excellent bowyers and atlatl makers/throwers so if you are interested in those things, come on!

[…] ANYONE is welcome, including children. Bows & atlatls are welcome along with any other primitive skills you’d like to share or learn. No cost. […] Bring your own chair and something to add to the picnic table.

I plan to head up there for their next knap-in on August 26th (a week from yesterday).  Anyone in the Fayetteville area interested in joining me can ride up with me.  They recommend brining your own lawn chair and some safety goggles, but they will offer glass for chipping to beginners.  The knappers get together between 10 AM and 6 PM.  I will likely leave Fayetteville around 1 PM.  Leave a reply below or send me an email [wilderix (at) gmail (dot) com] if you want to carpool.


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