End of the World = All the Rage

Wouldn’t you know it?!  NYC waits until after I leave to make post apocalypticism into a fashion trend.  Where were the adoring fans when I stalked the city parks with a collapsible shovel strapped to my hip, digging up sassafras roots and munching on mulberries?

Well, at least they took a moment to reflect on the hippest hipsters that feralism has ever known: The Scouts.  Check out Penny Scout walking the tracks of Portland, gathering some vibrantly colored edibles in the men.style.com write up which also pays tribute to Urban Scout and the Rewild Camp they just had in Portland, OR. 

Note: click over to page 12 in this slideshow to see the aforementioned picture of Penny.  Or visit the photographer’s website to see another pic from the photo shoot – 2nd thumbnail from the top right (the all-white one.)


One response to this post.

  1. Holy crap. Fashion is coming to us.


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