The Edge Dwellers

Ten years ago I graduated from a small, Baptist university in a small town in southern Arkansas.  I went there thinking I would become a pastor or missionary.  I started the track that turned into a six-year odyssey of learning and living.  I respect a lot of the professors I studied under at that school.  But more important than the academics, the people I met there changed my life.

You’ve heard this story a hundred times, probably: I went to college and made life-long friends.  One of my life-long friends whom I met at college now teaches freshman composition, and in one of the first essays he had his class write, someone pondered when they would meet these life-long friends everyone keeps talking about.  But often cliches get their cliche status because of the truth behind them.  I definitely lived this cliche — a wild and memorable cliche.

A couple years back, my friend Chad decided to coordinate a writing project to commemorate the experiences we’d had in our college years.  The Ouachita Memory Project collected a handful of essays from myself and a few other friends.  Recently, in light of starting my Wage Slavery series, I took a walk with my friend Luke and talked about how we should just put together a blog where we could go an host our stories.  That way, whenever any of us got a bug up our ass to actually sit down and write something, the platform would already exist for it.

So yesterday I put together The Edge Dwellers.  So far it only contains the writings we did for the Ouachita Memory Project, but hopefully it will grow into more.  I know that Chad and Luke have thrown around some other writing project ideas.

If you went to Ouachita back in the days of the Odd Fellows (and Odd Fillies) and would like to contribute some stories or photos, you can either email them to me (leave a comment below, and I will email you back with the address to use) or use the contact page at The Edge Dwellers to drop us a line.


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