Shake your sumac

I’ve done a lot of plant processing lately involving mason jars — what with my herbal infusion oils and tinctures.  So last weekend, when I took my sumac down from the ceiling where I had hung it to dry to make some rhus juice, an idea struck me.

Normally I would either rub the drupes off the bobs to vacuum seal for later, or I would just rub the drupes off the bobs in a bowl full of water to make some juice right off the bat.  But as I went through my cupboards to get the stuff out to make some rhus juice, I thought, “What if I just stuff some bobs in a mason jar and then just shake it like crazy?”

So I tried it.  And you know what?  I liked it.  In fact, I highly recommend it.

I also recommend mixing rhus juice with sassafras tea.  The blending of the flavors really does a number on your taste buds.  Only I can’t decide whether to call it sumacafras or sassamac.

So, go gather some sumac bobs before the drupes lose all their flavor to the rain.  Shove them in a mason jar, and fill it with water.  Shake it like the proverbial Polaroid picture.  Let it set for about 15 minutes to ensure that all the drupes have soaked up some water.  And then shake it again before filtering it out through some cloth.


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