Learning to sense

Willem Larsen over at The College of Mythic Cartography leads a body and movement skills program up in Portland entitled SHIFT.  Calling it “feral marshal-art”, Willem describes the kind of skills they practice at SHIFT:

We dance and play as otter.
We gruffly stamp as bear.
We stand immovable as mountain.
We breathe and shelter like cedar.
We drum our rhythm like ocean.

I have always appreciated Willem’s approach to body and movement skills as he depicts them at The College and on REWILD.info.  However, lacking any martial-art connections here in Fayetteville (that I wouldn’t have to pay for,) I have felt at a loss toward practicing these skills for myself.

Fortunately, Willem has started work on a book “that will sum up a lot of the basic games and exercises” that he teaches.  He calls it The Rewild Adventure Guide, and he has started releasing draft excerpts over at the College.  I encourage you to check out the first excerpt that explains how to heighten your senses by practicing The Sensory Tune-in Game.

I also encourage you to check out these other articles and posts of Willem’s:

And if the whole concept of a college of mythic cartography boggles your mind as much as it boggled mine when I first came across it, you might want to check out these posts as well:


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