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Wild Recipes

I discovered that the Cooking section over at the Missouri Department of Conservation website ( has all these wonderful recipes using a variety of wild flora and fauna: Continue reading


Handy Resources: Free copy of “Where There Is No Doctor”

Hesperian Health Guides which publishes books like Where There Is No Doctor and Where There Is No Dentist makes digital copies of their books available on their website for free.  Visit the Books and Resources page of their website to download them.  Their site will prompt you to enter your contact information to sign up for their newsletter, but you can skip that if you like.  The books are licensed under an open copyright, so you can distribute them freely within certain limits.

The titles available on the website include:

  • Where There Is No Doctor
  • Where Women Have No Doctor
  • A Community Guide to Environmental Health
  • Advance Chapters from the NEW Where There Is No Doctor
  • A Book for Midwives
  • Where There Is No Dentist
  • Helping Health Workers Learn
  • Disabled Village Children
  • A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities
  • Helping Children Who Are Deaf
  • Helping Children Who Are Blind
  • Pesticides Are Poison
  • Sanitation and Cleanliness
  • Water for Life
  • Advance Chapters from A Workers Guide to Health and Safety

Handy resources: Missiouri flowers

I discovered a website called that helps you discover unknown plants by key identifiers like flower color and leaf characteristics (ie., white flowers with alternate leaves).  I hope you find it as handy as I did when I used it to identify the spiderwort growing in my front yard.

Do you want a free Field Guide?

I just discovered that the Missouri Department of Conservation has archived the book Wild Edibles of Missouri by Jan Phillips on their website.  You can download it as a series of PDF on their website here.

Thanks to Jeanette Larson of the Ozark Folk Center for sharing this on her blog.